Aaron Jay Myers


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Photo by Jennifer Bewerse

Photo by Jennifer Bewerse


A native of Baltimore, MD, Aaron Jay Myers is a Boston based composer, guitarist, and teacher. His works have been performed across the United States by many performers, and he has been commissioned by Semiosis Quartet, Transient Canvas, Diagenesis Duo, Modern Brass, Open Theatre Project, Chamber Cartel, Fourth Wall Ensemble, Soundry, The Governor’s School Orchestra, Sharan Leventhal, Emma Resmini, NakedEye Ensemble, NorthStar Duo, Box Not Found, L+M Duo, Chaz Aguado, Stephanie Lamprea, and others. He is also the Executive Director for Equilibrium and Music Director for Second Sunday Concert Series at The Boston Sculptors Gallery. As a guitarist, he has performed many different kinds of music in solo and group situations over the past twenty years including hardcore punk, Early Music, new music, classical, flamenco, jazz, and free improvisation. He has been giving private guitar and theory lessons since 2002.

Myers holds BM and MM in Composition degrees from Towson University and The Boston Conservatory. His primary guitar teachers have been Maurice Arenas and Troy King. His primary composition teachers have been Dave Ballou, William Kleinsasser, Jan Swafford, and Marti Epstein. He has had additional composition studies with Nicholas Vines and Roger Reynolds.



For many years I have been photographing cracks, stains, mold, rust, and discoloration on man-made and natural objects. I continue to be humbled and deeply inspired by the raw beauty all around us that is often overlooked or superficially thought of as damaged. For me, this also translates into the world of sound. Sentient existence can be tumultuous but also beautiful, and it is inevitable that music and the arts reflect the struggle, violence, beauty, love, and loss that make up our fleeting lives. I am also intrigued by the occult. Humankind’s obsession with understanding our existence and controlling our surroundings has inspired pantheons of mythological beings, bizarre and macabre folklore, obsessive rituals, and countless belief systems. I sometimes use occult beings or events as inspiration, and I embrace both raw and refined sounds as beautiful equals in my music.